​February was a busy month with "plus" activities for the women who come to the parenting class. Mary Ellen, Ellen, Jane, and Diana showed GIRLS RISING in segments of three stories for two weeks. They were well received with good comments from the women.
Dorothy organized the valentine craft and Ellen mailed valentines for any woman who wanted her valentine mailed! 

Carol H. with her friend Toni, made a special presentation of her African artifacts.  The women were very interested and asked many questions about the village in Africa.
Nancy continues her work with journal writing with the women at P. I. II. Everyone involved in this activity is inspired! Diane K. and Laura are wonderful facilitators for the Parenting classes.

 Mary Ellen keeps the computer room open for the women on Tuesdays.
Big HUGS to all for your continued service to

Positive Images! None of these "plus" activities would happen without your time and commitment to Positive Images!

Positive Images Inc., a woman’s residential rehabilitation program in Detroit.  Our Soroptimist Resource Center in Positive Images provides tutoring, and a library in the residential housing center. 

Soroptimist members contribute gifts at Christmas, provide special Mother's Day items and provide personal hygiene buckets for the women in Positive Images. 

Each year, more than $1.6 million in education grants are awarded to more than 1,200 women, many of whom have overcome enormous obstacles including poverty, domestic violence and/or drug and alcohol abuse. Live Your Dream Awards recipients may use the cash award to offset any costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education, such as books, childcare, tuition and transportation.

In addition to providing the primary financial support for their families, eligible applicants must be enrolled in, or have been accepted to, a vocational/skills training program or an undergraduate degree program and must demonstrate financial need. Also, please note only residents of Soroptimist International of the Americas’ member countries and territories are eligible to apply for the educational grants.

The Live Your Dream Awards involves three levels of cash awards. The program begins at the local Soroptimist club-level, where award amounts vary. Local-level award recipients become eligible for region-level awards of either $3,000 or $5,000. Region-level award recipients then become eligible to receive one of three international-level awards of $10,000.

Since the Live Your Dream Awards program began in 1972, about $30 million in education grants have been disbursed to assist tens of thousands of women achieve their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families. In 2007, the program received the Associations Advance America Summit Award—ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership's highest level of recognition.





Thank you everyone for contributing to our annual Mother’s Day Bags for Positive Images.  As we approach this year’s giving, here is the current status.

We have enough cosmetic samples (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, and bars of soap).  However, if you have been collecting them and still want to drop them off, I will store them, or we will give more than one to all the women.

Thanks also for all the bag (like Kroger) donations.  We have enough but I will save more for next year if you find you have more than you need.

We are short the following:

Oprah Magazines
Nail polish
Coffee Mugs
Cosmetic travel pouches
Toothpaste (samples)
Key Chain
Dental floss
Costume Jewelry
Small jewelry boxes

So if you have some of these items you wish to donate, please contact Mary Ellen Burke at


SIGP voted at the Feb. meeting to support a CLUB GRANT for Positive Images.  The grant will be written to purchase a new stove for the residential house at 700 E. Grand Blvd. plus dishes, silverware, glasses and utensils.  With the purchasing of a new stove come lessons in nutrition and cooking for the clients!  This is the fun part for SIGP - we all will have the opportunity to be involved in this meal planning and it will be fun! 

Also, replacement of 20 sets of twin sheet sets, pillows, and comforter blankets will be requested as a continuation of the grant from 2011. 

Mary Ellen, Marya, Aleska and Diana began the writing process Feb. 17th and will continue with it during the first week of March.  The amount of the grant request is estimated to be $3500.  A copy of the grant will be shared at the April meeting. 

 SIGP's continued support of Positive Images is a great way to put our mission into action:  improve the lives of women and girls. Many HUGS to all for saying YES to this grant initiative! 

SIGP was awarded the grant in June of 2015 

Soroptimist Club Grants

for Women and Girls