Amy Good

Deborah is a determined woman who has overcome a childhood that included a drug addicted mother, an absent father, and both physical and mental abuse. She is a single parent striving for better. She aspires to use her real life experiences and knowledge gained through education to help other young women who are less fortunate than herself. In her own words: “I was thrilled to learn that I was chosen as a Live Your Dream awardee. I accept this honor with deep appreciation. I am a student in Wayne State University Social Work Bachelor’s program. With great determination, I plan to finish my bachelor degree and go into the Master’s Program. I plan to use my degree to help women gain understanding on how to overcome and know that dreams are very much achievable”.

Her compassion and responsibility is evident in the primary support for her own three children but also for 3 nieces and nephew for whom she is a foster parent. She has worked for 20 years in long term care facilities. Deborah completed a Certified Nursing Assistant program in 2014 from Oakland Community College. Deborah is currently enrolled in Wayne State University and will complete an internship this last semester. She will graduate this May with her Bachelor Degree.

 A Poem written by: Deborah Smith

Falling into purpose

Falling into purpose

God has a plan

Falling into purpose into the all might's hand

Bombarded with an avalanche of life's rocks on the way

Dazed in the fog of internal fight

God had a purpose,

God has a plan

From every direction a soft wind starts to blow

Through tear filled eyes a slight mist and a glow

One step, two steps, three steps, four

with every step taken a new thing has emerged

no longer dazed and your sight is so clear

God has a purpose,

God has a plan

Large boulders turn to stones and the avalanche ceases

Swoops in like an eagle a new dawn new completions

now riding high in the hands of the Lord

what was considered a burden has endowed and produced strength

No matter the fight that life's journey produces

I find peace in knowing that

God has a purpose, 

God has a plan


Virginia Wagner Educational Award honors a woman who is enrolled in a university degree program, i.e., Bachelor, Master or Doctorate program and shows effort toward scholarship and has done volunteer work in the community and/or school and has a financial need.


January 15

of each year.

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by January 15
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 Virginia Wagner Co-Chair's
Elizabeth Lucas or Maddy Colavito


Live Your Dream honors a woman who is going to school to improve employment opportunities and is head of household, enrolled in a training or educational program and has financial need.  You must be working towards a college / technical degree to be eligible for the Live Your Dream award.

This is the signature award of Soroptimist International of the Americas. It is awarded to women around the world. Soroptimist International of Grosse Pointe is proud to make a difference in the lives of women and girls and to help them Live Their Dream.

Applications may be submitted online through the Soroptimist website between 

July 1- November 15

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Live Your Dream Chair

Bette Lepouttre 

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Many of our winner's have went on to win at the regional level for an additional $5,000

Virginia Wagner Educational award

 Lavina Hutchinson

Women leaders of the world!

Angeles Cuevas Cervantes

Deborah Smith

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Ruby Award Chair

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2020 award winners 

The Soroptimist Ruby Award honors women who, through their professional or personal efforts, are making extraordinary differences in the lives of women or girls.  Honorees are women who have worked to improve the lives of other women or girls.  Their work has had a significant impact and also inspires and encourages other women.


February 15th.


Lavina has had a very difficult life, being primary support at an early age for her two younger half-sisters when their mother remarried and moved out of state. She continues to be the primary financial support for her 18 year old sister. Over the years and mentoring from her Matriarch Grandmother, Lavina took on the “mother role” and ties hard to provide for her sisters so they do not have to struggle as she did.

Lavina has an Associate Degree in general studies from Wayne State University. With determination and after applying three times,she is currently in the Macomb Community College nursing program working on her Associate Degree in Nursing. She expects to graduate at the end of this academic year and will immediately begin a Bachelor Degree in Nursing (BSN) at Oakland University.

Continuing Education Award for
live your dream

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Continuing Education Award Chair

Maddy Colavito

Virginia Wagner Educational award

Angeles Cuevas Cervantes is a junior at Eastern Michigan University and is completing her bachelor’s degree in Language & International Careers-Spanish.

She is a first-generation college student who hails from Mexican town in Southwest Detroit.  Her parents are both immigrants who have never finished high school but have fostered the importance of higher education in their children as a way towards stability.  Her parents are not able to make much in the way of financial contributions towards Angeles’ studies, but have been generous in support and time for her.

Angeles decided on her major when she assisted in translation with a service group and folks in a town in Ecuador.  She loves helping unity with communication, and relishes using her talents to facilitate this. She also assists her family and neighbors in translating documents, writing letters from immigration, and helping younger family towards their dreams of higher education.

As part of her degree program, she is required to study abroad in Spain.  Angeles will be using the Virginia Wagner Educational Award to meet this requirement in Summer 2020.

She wants to become a licensed certified translator/interpreter and start a business using her talents in her community as her future goals.

educational award applications

The Soroptimist International of Grosse Pointe (SIGP) Continuing Education Award was established in 2018 to provide additional financial support to our LYD recipients as they work toward completing their education programs.  This award provides LYD recipients with $500 a year, for up to 4 years after receiving a Live Your Dream Award or until the recipient completes her GED, skills training or undergraduate education program, whichever occurs first.  To be eligible to receive this additional funding, a LYD recipient must be able to document that she has: (1) continued her enrollment in a GED program, skills training or undergraduate education program on at least a half-time basis; (2) continued to experience significant financial challenges that impact her ability to complete her education program; and (3) maintained no less than a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA).  

Amanda (Amy) Good, CEO Alternative For Girls (AFG) MWS, BA Psychology, University of Michigan.

AFG Mission:  To help homeless and high-risk girls and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy, and exploitation and help them, explore and access the support, resources, and opportunities necessary to be safe to grow strong and to make positive choices in their lives.  Shelter, Prevention and Outreach.

Amy Good,  2020 Soroptimist Ruby Award:  For Women Helping Women.

At graduation from the University of Michigan School of Social Work, her professor, Rosemary Saari, gave her the challenge to "Do something hard and build something that wasn't there before."  Since the mid-80's she has fulfilled that challenge.  It began where she lived and worked in Southwest Detroit, near the former Tiger Stadium.  The neighborhood residents noticed young girls drinking in the park and prostituting on the street.  As a result of a community forum she and several other organized, three conclusions were reached.  A program was needed: 1-To focus on children lost in the foster system (15, 16, 17), 2-To provide alternatives for girls prostituting in the street, and 3 - To provide crisis intervention to keep girls in their families and school.  It was clear that a shelter for girls too old for foster care and too young for standard shelters was needed.  Having no blueprint for setting up a shelter for girls, Ms. Good searched the country to find a shelter for girls.  She gave up her fulltime counseling  job to focus on the project because she found no model.  In 1987 a 5-bed shelter was set up in the Parish House of St. Peter's Episcopal Church where a 16 year old homeless girl found shelter January, 1988.  Fast forward, today, Alternative For Girls has its own building on West Grand Boulevard where over 32,000 girls and young women have found shelter all due to Ms. Good's response to the need of girls in that area.

For the first 20 years, AFG lacked a steady stream of funding depending on multi-year grants and private donations.  To put AFG on more stable ground, Ms. Good guided AFG through development of a business plan, initiation of a campaign and began fundraisers, one of which is the annual Fundraiser, The Role Model Dinner.  These initiative support hope for a brighter future for girls and young women.

Bio below is from the Internet

Amanda (Amy) Good, CEO, Alternatives For Girls (AFG). M.S.W., and B.A.: Psychology, University of Michigan.  Ms. Good has served as Alternatives For Girls’ CEO since 1988.  She has over 35 years of experience managing and directing human services programs serving Detroit children and families. 

Under her leadership, AFG has grown from a volunteer-led project to a full-service agency serving homeless and high-risk girls and young women, along with their families, through street outreach, emergency shelter, transition to independent living, and prevention services.  Ms. Good served as a gubernatorial appointee on the Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justice (2004 through 2017), and serves on the Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit board.  She is a member of the Michigan Chapter of the International Women’s Forum.  Her awards include Oprah Winfrey’s “Use Your Life” award (accompanied by $100,000 for AFG’s capital campaign), the United Way Community Services “Executive Director of the Year” award, Leadership Detroit’s “Leadership Challenge” award, and the National Council of Jewish Women Josephine S. Weiner Award for Community Service.  She was awarded the University of Michigan School of Social Work Distinguished Alumni award in 2014. Alternatives For Girls was awarded Crain’s “Best Managed Non-Profit” award in 2017.

She is a lifelong runner, and, inspired by her son, she is a dedicated unicyclist.  Ms. Good and her husband, David Finkel, raised their two children—now accomplished and contributing young adults—and continue to live, in their Detroit home.